Blaze 2000 D/G

The BLAZE 2000D/G brings innovation to the heater market with its combination of size and efficiency. It is one of the smallest 2 million-BTU units and most efficient indirect-fired heaters in the market.

Engineered specifically for the rental market, the BLAZE 2000 is able to run on single or three-phase power without any modification. It comes with 3 fan speeds to control heat rise and CFM, a High and Low fire burner (2M/1M BTU’s), and an incredible 6” of static pressure and 16,000 CFM. It’s 88 per cent-efficient heat exchanger allows for significant cost savings in fuel.  The Blaze 2000 D/G is easily transported and portable as it fits through a standard doorway.  It has an incredibly small footprint, 144”x33.25”x 67”, only weighs 2950 lbs. and comes with fork pockets on all sides, and lifting eye hooks.

Brochure: Blaze 2000 D/G


  • Indirect Fired
  • Recirculating Capabilities
  • Input BTU/h: 2,000,000
  • Oil/Gas Fired
  • Beckett Burner (High Fire/Low Fire Burner)
  • 3 Fan Speeds up to 16,000 CFM
  • High Static Fan: up to 6.5″ Static Pressure
  • Ducting, up to 200ft. 1 x 24″ duct panel on supply and return side
  • Full Load Amps: 1PH 55 Amps, 3PH 32 Amps
  • Voltage: 1PH OR 3PH /208-240V
  • Weight: 2950 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 144″ x 33.25″ x 67″

Additional Features:

  • Tempered Air Mode for LEED Construction allows for lower discharge temperature when remote thermostat is satisfied in order to deliver continuous heat to the jobsite
  • NG/LP easy switch over valves
  • Gas Pressure Gauges on Manifold and inlet side of train
  • Panel Mount Voltmeter
  • Genisys Display Module (Oil Units) provides critical diagnostic information
  • Hour meter
  • VFD Eliminates Large in-rush Current for Motor Starts
  • Stackable for off-Season Storage
  • Optional “Plug and Play” burner kit can easily convert unit from diesel to NG or LP
  • Available in 3 fuel options upon ordering: Natural Gas/Propane/Diesel
  • High Efficiency heaters: 88%
  • Able to fit through a 36” door  opening
  • Mobile and easy to position around the job site with integrated Fork Lift Pockets and Lifting  Eyes
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
  • Units Feature Extra Large Burner Compartment for ideal service access or simple burner conversion

CSA/UL * Certified to CSA/UL standards by OMNI