Blaze 150E


Brochure: Blaze 150E

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  • Up to 14,500 CFM, 6.5” of Static Pressure allows for up to 200 feet of ducting
  • Emergency shutdown button plus indicator lamps for Power On, Heat On, and Over Temperature
  • Ammeters for all 3 Stages and Digital Temperature controller with remote thermostat capabilities
  • Fan manual over-ride and Tempered Air Mode optional
  • 68” X 31.5” X 56”
  • 950 lbs.
  • Able to fit through a 36” door opening
  • 60kw = 6,650 CFM
  • 90kw = 13,100 CFM
  • 150kw = 14,500 CFM
  • Available in 600 Volts/3PH and 480V/3PH
  • Max Outlet Temperature = 250°F

Additional Features:

  • Operates at extremely low noise levels
  • Forklift pockets, eye hooks and removable casters for easy lifting and placement
  • Clean electric heat, free from the moisture and fumes associated with other types of heat
  • Unique High Static Fan allows recirculation of warm inside air, resulting in even temperatures and energy savings
  • Durable Heating Element designed for the most demanding environments
  • Stackable for off-Season Storage
  • Certified for use in the U.S. and Canada
  • Ask about how our Heaters can help you with your next LEED construction project